The Trope Troupe

There are other Trope Troupes; the Jewish tradition of Torah cantillations, the drama group of the United Presbyterian Church, Cortland USA, and a fantasy comic based on Final Fantasy.

The Trope part - not unconnected to TV tropes, my interest is in re-examining trope particularly with new media. Re-using found media materials with conscious, unconscious and twisted meaning cultural resonance and metaphor.

The Troupe part - I'm Tom Castle, and I am a small part of the (my) Trope Troupe. I try to re-use other peoples bits and pieces, not just pictures, tunes etc - but research, press clippings and historical artifacts - all these people are also in the Troupe.

Some good tropes to remember (or keep looking up): metaphor, irony, litotes, meiosis, antithesis, allegory, allusion, anacoenosis, antanaclasis, antiphrasis, dysphemism, innuendo.

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