With Tom & Michael:

16th Aug'80 Blackfriars Arts Centre,Boston. YOUTH CULTURE I
13th Sept'80 Futurama. II Queen's Hall Leeds. YOUTH CULTURE II
14th Sept'80 Futurama. II Queen's Hall Leeds. U NTITLED
23rd Sept'80 Rock Garden London. YOUTH CULTURE III
27th Oct'80 Theatre Space London. YOUTH CULTURE IV
27th Nov'80 Kingston Art School Surrey. YOUTH CULTURE V
5th Dec'80 101 Club, London. SATURDAY NIGHT IN
26th Jan'81 Cabaret Futura, London. SATURDAY NIGHT IN 2
2nd Feb'81 Cabaret Futura London. YOUTH CULTURE BIT
9th Feb'81 Cabaret. Futura London. HAIR CUT SIR?
16th Feb'81 Cabaret. Futura London. CRICKET MATCH
23rd Feb'8l Cabaret Futura London. AUTOMATED PEBFORMANCE
2nd Mar'81 Cabaret Futura London. TREV'S LEAVING PARTY
9th Mar'81 Cabaret Futura London. AUDITION PIECE
9th Mar'81 Heaven,Final Solution,London. SATURDAY NIGHT IN 3
16th Mar'81 Cabaret Futura London. DERVISH DELIGHT
23rd Mar'81 Royal College street, London. VAN BROKE DOWN
30th Mar'81 Heaven,Final Solution,London. END OF THE SAXOPHONE
6th Apr'81 Cabaret Futura, London. END OF THE SAXOPHONE 2
10th Apr'81 C.A.I.R.N. Paris. YOUTH CULTURE VI
13th Apr'81 Cabaret Futura London. HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN
24th Apr'81 Sanitory Centre, Strasbourg YOUTH CULTURE VII
25th Apr'81 Centre des Arts Sceniques,Strasbourg BIRTHDAY BAGGAGE·BOUT
27th Apr'81 Musee d'Art Moderne,Strasbourg LES YEUX SONT FRONTIERES
27th Apr'81 Cabaret Futura, London. CONCUSSION
4th May'81 Cabaret Futura, London. DANCE TO DYLAN THOMAS
15th May'81 Newcastle Polytechnic. 2/3 TOUR GIG
16th May'81 Huddersfie1d Polytechnic. TOUR GIG
17th May'81 University of East Anglia. TOUR GIG PLUS!
18th May'81 Heaven,Final Solution, London. TOUR GIG COMPRESSED
19th May'81 Manchester Polytechnic 2/3 TOUR GIG
20th May'81 Bradford University. TOUR GIG
22nd May'81 Sheffield Polytechnic. TOUR GIG
23rd May'81 Keele University. TOUR GIG
25th May'81 Cabaret Futura, London. 1/3 TOUR GIG
26th May'81 Tiffany's, Hull. TOUR GIG
28th May'81 The Ware house, Leeds TOUR GIG
29th May'81 Opposite Lock Club,Birmingham. 2/3 TOUR GIG
1st Jun '81 Heaven,Final Solution,London. NON-EVENT
8th Jun '81 Heaven,Final Solution, London. CONCUSSION II
13th Jun '81 The Basement, Newcastle. YOUTH CULTURE VIII
15th Jun'81 Heaven,Final Solution, London. THE MARCOS SIMON SARJEANT BAND
16th Jun'81 The Embassy Club, London. THE MARCOS SIMON SARJEANT BAND
19th Jun'81 Pips, Manchester. PICK'N'MIX
22nd Jun'81 Heaven,Final Solution, London. YOUTH CULTURE IX GAY PRIDE
29th Jun'81 Royal College of Art,London RUN OUT AND DANCE
27th July'81 Heaven. London. HANGING AROUND
1st Aug 181 Roadmender's Northampton. YOUTH CULTURE X
24th Aug '81 Heaven London. ALTERED IMAGES
13th Sept'81 London Musicians Collective. THE SHY PARTY
19th Sept'81 Ferrara Italy. DECISION MAKING
20th Sept'81 Ferrara Italy. PRECISION BAKING
26th Sept'81 Somewhere in Sussex, RAIN STOPPED PLAY
28th Sept'81 Heaven London. ASHEN FACED
4th Oct '81 The Hope and Anchor London. CONCUSSION 3
17th Oct'81 Midland Group Nottingham MACDONALDS
24th Oct '81 Chelsea College London. THE BREAKFAST SHOW
26th Oct '81 Mecca Manchester. WOOSTER'S CLUB
30th Oct '81 Birmingham Polytechnic. CONVERSATION PIECE
30th Nov '81 Heaven London. THE TWO OF CLUBS
5th Dec '81 St. Catherine's College Liverpool. APPROACH WORK
10th Dec '81 Bangor University. SLOW BUSINESS
11th Dec '81 Durham University. SNOW BUSINESS
21st Dec '81 Heaven London. DOWN TO EARTH
8th Feb °82 Trent Polytechnic Nottingham. FXUNFAIR
9th Feb '82 Trent Polytechnic Nottingham. TOMPKIN'S DISCO VERY
llth Mar '82 The Pied Bull, Islington London THE LORD'S FARE